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Image by David Holifield

 At the Groovy Duck, we strive to give our customers an exceptional daily variety of baked goods.  Although we specialize in muffins, we also offer a wide variety of cakes and cupcakes, cookies, bars, pies, pastries, tarts and other delicious creations.

Call Us:  919-787-9233

In addition to our regular menu

We also offer many of our baked goods in half size, quarter size and miniature to accomodate for larger crowds.


    Come to the Groovy Duck and sit down on some of our groovy repurposed furniture while you enjoy a latte and a muffin.  Bring the family, we don't mind! We have a small area where small children can sit at their own little table and play games and have fun.

Image by Marialaura Gionfriddo
Image by TiAchen Aier

No time to relax? Not to worry!

We have easy access and convenient parking. We can get you in and out in a flash....even faster when you pre-order large orders!

Call Us: 919-787-9233

We are a down to Earth, American bakery.


Not a Southern bakery (but our sweet potato biscuits would make any southern grandma proud).


Not Jewish Bakery (but we make some of the best rugelach you'll ever have).


Not a Northern bakery (but you'll find our cakes lean toward a more northern style, light, not too sweet). 


Not an Italian bakery (but the almond horns rock).


 Like America, we're a bit of this and a bit of that. 

We are here to bake for you, special occasion cake, or enough muffins and cupcakes to feed the masses!


Image by David Holifield


Colorful Cupcakes


Making Coffee
Colorful Cupcakes

Where to Find Us

Groovy Duck Bakery 
3434 Edwards Mill Road
Suite 110
Raleigh, NC 27612

Near the Walgreens, Bronco Taco and next to UPS - Google Direction

Call Us: 919-787-9233

What our customer saying

They’ve made my birthday cakes for the past two years and can’t wait to order from them again this year! They’re also one of the few bakeries in the area that offer unique flavors (such as marble.) Great customer service each time! Their cakes look and taste amazing.


I am so glad I chose Groovy Duck Bakery. After searching and searching I decided to give them a try and I am so glad I did. Cheryl and the staff were extremely helpful when it came to making a decision on my birthday cake. Thanks for such a delicious and moist cake. Cya soon!!!


Sophia was extremely sweet and welcoming. Vanilla and chocolate flavored cupcake with coffee go well together as a combo!


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